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 Hinin Uchiha-The first Uchiha Kage

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Hinin Uchiha
Hinin Uchiha

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Hinin Uchiha-The first Uchiha Kage Empty
PostSubject: Hinin Uchiha-The first Uchiha Kage   Hinin Uchiha-The first Uchiha Kage EmptyMon Jan 23, 2012 4:42 am

Full Name:Hinin Uchiha
Alias:Hokage Hinin
Age: 26
Appearance: He has long black hair. He has black eyes like all Uchiha. He wears a long-sleeve, dark blue shirt with black spikes going down the sleeves. They travel up the shoulders and down around a Uchiha symbol in the center of the chest. There is a hood attacked to it. His pants are a pale cream color with two slits in the knees of the pants. He wears black ninja sandals with white stripes down each strap. Over that, he wears a black Hokage gown with white spikes stretching up from the bottom. He is skinny and about 6'1ft tall. He has a slim look to him. With all the clothes, he almost looks weak even. He has a small scar from battle just below his left eye. Over the length of his body, he has many scars on his back from lashes from a whip back when he was a kid and the war was still bad.
Fighting Style:He uses a defensive style of fighting. Every time someone attacks, he simply moves out of the way and avoids ever throwing a punch in an attempt to ware down his opponent. He won't let his enemy get with striking range of his body before he leaps away.
Village:New Konoha
Desired Rank:Hokage
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Genjutsu
Weapon of Choice:Black Dual chakra Kitanas.
History:He was born during the peak of the war by his Uchiha parents. They taught him the full history of the Uchiha clan and all the dark moments when they had turned evil or when they fell to vengeance. He learned it all in the short time that they were alive. Eventually, they were asked to join the ranks of Nameless. When they refused, he killed them but not before poor Hinin was hidden within the village. He was raised to be the perfect ninja by the Anbu Black Ops leader at the time. Once he got old enough to become a ninja, he was inducted into the academy. He passed on his first time around. He was the top of his class.

After that, he quickly became a Chunnin. He passed at the top of the roster. Only a two years after that and many successful missions later, he was asked to join the Anbu Black Ops. He accepted of course. There, he worked his way through the ranks of the Anbu easily. He was well known throughout the village as a valued member of the country. He seemed to bring happiness back to New Konoha. He made everyone forget about the war when he was around. He had cherished friends and as a Ninja, he was one of the best there was. One day, the man who had raised him retired and left the position open form Hinin to claim, in which Hinin gladly accepted.

He ran the Anbu Black Ops with honor and dignity. He made it something that people would hope to achieve rather than something the people feared or looked on suspiciously. When he turned twenty-three, he wanted to further his training so he left the comfort of the village and his leadership to fend for himself in the wilderness. There, he trained for two years in the art of swordsmanship. This is where he learned to use dual Chakra Kitanas. When he returned to New Konoha, the Hokage had become old and tired. Hinin decided that it was time for a new Kage to take over and the Hokage believed this too. Hinin, for his valued efforts for peace throughout the years, was awarded the rank of Hokage of the village. He tried his best to be a fair and just Kage. One year has passed since then.
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Hinin Uchiha-The first Uchiha Kage
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